Urban fashion styles coexist in big cities and are an expression of people. Although brands can create garments that can fit more or less in one style, the combination with accessories and way of wearing it is key.

Within the styles of urban clothing:


urban fashion 2021

The hipster style achieves something very difficult: being vintage as well as fashion forward. Mixing the past with the present in such a recognizable style is a feat. Staying halfway can be seen as outdated and overshooting would become trendy. Do not be afraid to innovate or to rummage through second-hand clothes in old stores. And although the look may seem sloppy, it is really careful to the millimeter. What you must always have is a touch of elegance. Plaid patterns, polka dots, plastic glasses and skinny pants are clear signs of hipster identity. As for accessories: hats for them, bow ties for them and scarves for both.


The trendy style is one that follows fashions from the first minute and even creates new trends. People who take risks and mix get one step ahead. They must always be alert to new colors, fabrics and shapes. And have the vision to make what they wear work. It is one of the most difficult streetwear styles to come by. Asymmetrical and oversized shapes are some of the most recognizable features. In patterns they are all worn, but especially those of animals – Crocodile, leopard, zebra.


It takes effort to be stylish but without making it look like you’ve tried. The casual style is like that. One of the classic streetwear styles to wear everywhere. It is not formal, but it is not about being at home. Ripped jeans are the hallmark of this style and so are white t-shirts.


This revival that is happening in late 2019 has caused the sporty style to return to fashion. This time, with different materials. Formerly those that perspired and were waterproof at the same time were used. Now elastic materials are used and that stick to the body to mark it. Visually, the stripes are worn on the sides of the garments. These two stripes were very well known from a sportswear brand. The garments usually have one or two spot colors. Black, gray, mustard and garnet are the most popular. In the latest urban photography, the fitness culture encourages you to dress up in yoga pants and stylish hoodies on the street. This shows that both are united and can be a look to wear to the gym and around town.

Fashion Trends for 2021

With 2021 just around the corner, it is inevitable to ask ourselves what will be fashionable next year. Although the trend indicates that everything will revolve around maxi garments, chunky shoes and "ornate outfits" in bright, bright colors; these are the three trends – with regard to accessories- that we will not have to lose sight of.

Mini Bags


Volume, XL garments and layered outfits that contrast with the trend of bags: they will be small. At least that’s how Fendi decreed it at Milan Fashion Week with the return of the iconic " Peekaboo" model in garish colors and braided details.

The trend in 2021 bags indicates that they should be small: they can be baguettes or satchel, ideal to accompany a voluminous look. Always in contrasting and vivid colors, in various materials and finishes.

Chunky Sneakers

The streetstyle seems to be dominated by chunky sneakers. The craze for ugly shoes and the tendency to choose "comfort" above all indicate that this type of footwear is here to stay for a long time. Whether in slippers, shoes and sandals; the truth is that thick soles have infected almost all footwear.

Underwear in sight

Yes, showing the bra will be cool. Not only with transparent garments, but it will also be fashionable to show "the bandages". Fashion is inclined to expose underwear, as well as the use of dresses and blouses with thin straps (alluding to the bra). This fashion of "showing the straps" is also translated into footwear, with strappy shoes as seen in Valentino’s proposal, with "strappy shoes".

Geometric glasses

Sunglasses will be preferred with voluminous and geometric frames, in loud and very striking tones. Lining up in the "athelisure" style, rectangular and medium or large size models will be presented, similar to those used by cyclists and runners.


Eye-catching jewels

The trend in jewelry is marked by floral and very exuberant designs. Everything will be valid: from those in acrylic materials to those with glitter. An ode to kitsch and camp that will be "anything" but subtle.

Undoubtedly the jewelry will be functional in the fashion of "more is more".