Creative Careers in Entertainment

Animation Artists

The work of animation artists is highly sought by video game developers, film studios and toy companies. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, animators create two- and three-dimensional models and computer-generated images for use in film, television and video games. They collaborate with other members of the production team, including directors and game designers, to discuss the ideal graphics needed for a project.


Filmmakers use cameras to capture stories in a captivating manner. They might create documentaries or fiction films, and their work is often distributed to the public online or at cinemas.

Many filmmakers start by creating their own short films to build a portfolio, meet other people in the industry and win prizes. They also often serve as assistant directors to gain experience and learn the ropes of the business.

Some screenwriters write treatments or scripts that, if they impress producers and directors, become full-fledged films. They are the novelists, playwrights and storytellers of the film world.


Musicians can work in the spotlight or behind the scenes. Some musicians are also writers who create their own lyrics and melodies. Others may choose to work as session musicians who play in various settings and provide backup vocals, instrumentals or rapping. The lines between different creative careers in the music industry can get blurred, so clear communication is key.


Creative workers enjoy the challenge of bringing an idea from an initial concept to fruition. This type of work often offers more flexibility than some other careers, particularly if it is self-employed or freelance. Some of the more lucrative creative jobs include film director, television producer and theater director.

Some creative workers focus on marketing, helping to promote stars and productions in their industry. This is similar to public relations, though the focus is on building a story and creating brand awareness. Social media managers are also important in this field, focusing on boosting star’s social media presence and organizing events like meet-and-greets.


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