Fit To Fly London: Everything You Need To Know For International Travel

International Travel - New Rules

Since the pandemic outbreak, a lot has changed, with the majority of the people unable to travel to other countries. Global business excursions, visits to loved ones, or simply taking a well-earned vacation have all been ruled out. Luckily, you can now travel on board again with a Fit to Fly London Certificate.

Flights have started to open up as the lockdown restrictions have gradually lifted. However, there are new regulations that must follow for you to be able to travel. Let’s go and check them.

Fit to Fly Regulations For UK Travel

When you’re travelling overseas this year, whether for business or pleasure, make sure you’re up to date on the latest travel advice and guidelines. Because the method is frequently changing, it’s best to double-check with both your airlines and the FCO to determine your precise requirements.

The UK Government’s latest updated recommendations on overseas travel advice can be seen below. Remember to check this and see what you’ll have to do if travelling to the UK. But before that, here are the two varieties of Fit To Fly London certificates 


  • Standard Certificate of Fit to Fly
  • COVID-19 Certificate of Fit to Fly

Fit to Fly London PCR Tests by Randox

What Exactly Is The Distinction Between The Two Certificates?

The Standard Fit to Fly London Certificate is a letter verifying your ability to fly issued by a doctor officially registered only with the General Medical Council (GMC). Your pre-existing medical condition(s) will be evaluated by a doctor, who will state that flying will not negatively affect them.

This certificate is also validated by a Care Quality Commission-accredited clinic. Thus, the following below are included in a COVID-19 Fit to Fly Certificate, as well as evidence of a recent, independent COVID-19 negative test.

When Would A Standard Fit To Fly London Certificate Be Required?

Airlines may require a standard fit to fly certificate if you are one of the following:

  • Recently released from the hospital.
  • Recovering from an operation 
  • More than 28 weeks pregnant 
  • Traveling for medical purposes

It is recommended to contact your airline as early as possible. Please make sure you have enough time to get your certificate before your flight. Because timings may vary, make sure to plan ahead of time.

Covid-19 Certificate Of Fit To Fly London

Simply put, a COVID-19 Fit to Fly Certificate is a statement that validates a recent negative Coronavirus test result and declares you fit to fly. Unfortunately, the findings of NHS COVID-19 testing are insufficient for travel certification. To travel overseas, you must pass an independent test. The importance of timing varies based on the destination, airline, or both. To minimize disappointment, make sure you plan.

How And Where Can I Have My Test Done? 

If you require a Fit to Fly London Certificate, knowledgeable staff can assist you. Both ‘in clinic’ and ‘at home’ testing are available. However, If you prefer the test at home, please give yourself plenty of time to finish the process, as the test may take up to 48 hours to arrive after you’ve placed your order online.

What Is The Validity Of A Covid-19 Fit To Fly London Certificate?

Keep in mind that each airline and nation will have its own set of regulations. Certifications are only valid for a limited period, so double-check the prerequisites and take your test as soon as possible.

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