What Can A Blood Test Reveal About Your Health?

A blood test is a fast and easy procedure that highlights any issues present in the body. The process consists of a medical professional using a small needle to draw blood from the inside of the elbow or wrist. Many people undergo blood testing as part of a routine procedure as it can detect infection and medication. Blood tests are particularly important as it can highlight illnesses and diseases that may not be showing on the outside. You can obtain a blood test for men and women today to gain an insight into your health.

Here is what a blood test can reveal about your health:

Red And White Blood Cells

A blood count can show the number of red and white blood cells that are present. If the test indicates that there are abnormal levels of this, it could be a number of deficiencies such as lack of vitamins like B6, 12, iron etc. It could also be a clear sign that there is an infection present, or clotting is taking place.


Blood tests are also used to detect cancer, as it can highlight abnormalities and fluctuations of blood cells. Particularly, blood tests can accurately detect signs of blood cancers like lymphoma, leukaemia, and myeloma. This is a quick way of determining the best course of action.


The most common way in which HIV is detected, is through blood testing. The test will simply search for antibodies that the body has formed in order to fight the said virus. Unfortunately, it can take up to a year for the body to fully develop antibodies to fight the virus which is why it is important for those who feel they may be expose to the disease, to get tested as soon as they can. In addition, it is always beneficial to undergo routine testing.

Liver And Kidney Function

The liver and kidneys function to eliminate any toxic chemicals exposed to the body. They also play a role in stabilising the volume of the blood and transforms nutrients into energy to keep the body functioning as it should. If problems begin to arise in these organs, it can have a direct impact on the whole body and how it operates. It can affect metabolism, hormone balances, and digestion. Which is why, it is important to carry out a blood test to check up on their function.

Early Signs Of Alzheimer’s Disease

In 2020, a new blood testing method was introduced, that helped medical researchers identify traces of early Alzheimer’s. It is usually detected if hormone imbalances are shown, as well as vitamin deficiencies. The blood test helps doctors rule out this disease in patients based on their results, as well as brain scan results.

Final Words

Undergoing a blood test at any age is beneficial to see what is going on inside your body. It has the potential to detect health conditions and diseases in their early stages when they are asymptomatic. You can also obtain a full-health check via a blood test procedure that will give you a full breakdown of your organs and how well they are functioning, as well as any causes for concern that is highlighted within the results report.



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